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EOS icons offers an easily customizable icons for any company or project to use. We've created guides that are adjustable and applicable to any open source project. We appreciate your contribution to EOS icons and look forward to hearing more about how it helps your products and projects

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CSS Animated Icons



EOS icons offers easily customisable animated icons. These icons use only CSS animations and nothing more, which make things a lot easier when using these icons in your own projects. Also, they run on the GPU so the frame rate is much higher than that of Javascript animations. When it comes to CSS animations they also have the advantage of not causing reflows and redraws unlike modifying elements via Javascript would.

A pixel-perfect design process

  1. Stroke terminal
  2. Corner
  3. Counter area
  4. Stroke
  5. Counter stroke
  6. Bounding area

EOS icons were made to coexist with material icons. We carefully follow material design guidelines which makes EOS icons indistinguishable from material Icons. Material Design defines the qualities that can be expressed by UI regions, surfaces, and components. Design and strategize how your app is built using foundations that address design from both a broad and detailed perspective.

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